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Product List

Vitamin Shots

- Vitamin B12 Injection
For vitamin B12 deficiency,
schilling test, reducing stress,
weight loss, energy booster,
healthy skin, and more.
- Vitamin B1 Injection
- Vitamin B6 Injection
- Vitamin C Injection

Reishi Mushroom

Superior grade mature & dried
Red Reishi mushrooms supports
healthy blood circulation, healthy
metabolic activity of human cells.

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Ordering Related Questions


General Questions

Ordering Related Questions

Help! I can’t order with my credit card?

Most common reason is your charge company (their information is printed on back of your credit card) blocks your order to prevent and protect you from international credit card fraud.

What to do?

Please contact your charge company and inform them that you are going to make an international online purchase from Canada, and a charge from JNCT Inc. will be coming. This is Visa & Master Card’s new policy for out of country purchases. If you do not phone prior to our billing, your order could be delayed.

If you still having a problem ordering, please email: with an email title “International order”. Please email us your full name and inform us the details of error you are experiencing.

Important points to check

  1. Your billing address is exactly same as the address you associated with your credit card.
  2. Your billing name is exactly same as the name you associated with your credit card.
  3. Please double check your credit cared expiry date.
  4. Please double check your credit card limit.

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Are the prices here in US or Canadian Dollars?

All pricing on are in US Dollars.

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How much is tax?

There are NO TAX CHARGES if you are in the US, otherwise GST/HST will be calculated as per Canadian tax laws

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How much is shipping?

Please click here for shipping information

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What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to USA.

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How do I pay for my order?

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard.
*PLEASE NOTE* We do NOT accept personal checks/cheques, or money orders. Please make sure you order with a credit card that we accept.

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What is your return policy?

No Refunds. We will not provide any refunds after your order has been shipped. Email us if you have any questions:

Alternatively you can call us at: 1-888-595-1393

Some customers miss the USPS delivery attempt notice, and when they realize that their packages have not arrived, it has been already returned to our company.

To avoid this situation, please check the USPS website with your tracking number often.
If you don't find a delivery notice, but if on the USPS tracking page they say it attempted a delivery, please phone USPS.

Phone 1-800-222-1811 and talk to a USPS customer representative, give him/her your tracking number, then ask for the address, phone number and hours of operation of the local Postal Unit your package is being held at. You can schedule a redelivery or go and pick it up in person. For pick up, your photo ID is required.

Please note: Our customer Service center has no more information or ability than what you can see and do on the tracking website.

If you forget to check the tracking status and if USPS keeps your Expedited Parcel for 30 days or your Xpresspost Parcel for 5 days, your package will be returned to us. It will cost you!

The USPS service will hold your Expedited Parcel for 30 days or your Xpresspost Parcel for 5 days, after that they will return the package to us and we will then contact you to decide if you want to cancel your order or have it resent. The following charges then apply.

Option 1: Re-sending

$30 resending fee will apply, we will use Expedited Parcel. ($35 for Xpresspost Parcel upon your request.) We do not make any money on this service, as USPS charges us $18.00 to send your package back to us and it costs $12.00 to resend it to you. (We consume labor and packaging material costs at our expense.)

Option 2: Cancelling your order

$20 cancelation fee will apply to those wishing to cancel for whatever reason. This fee only covers the return shipping cost of $18.00 and the credit card transaction fees, we do not make any money on. (We consume labor and packaging material costs at our expense.)

What is your cancellation policy?

At, we pride ourselves in our dedication to customer service. Therefore, unlike other online stores, we do not charge any cancellation fees for cancellations right after an order is placed. However, please note that you can not cancel any order AFTER we have shipped it from our store.

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General Questions

Why is the price different from the last time I ordered?

Due to market fluctuations, prices of items may change from time to time.

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