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- Vitamin B12 Injection
For vitamin B12 deficiency,
schilling test, reducing stress,
weight loss, energy booster,
healthy skin, and more.
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Superior grade mature & dried
Red Reishi mushrooms supports
healthy blood circulation, healthy
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Lustra-AF Cream

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  • Lustra AF Cream - 4% Hydroquinone USP, glycolic acid, 5% gluconolactone with SPF 15 sunscreen!
  • The complete treatment for dyschromia.
  • Cream
  • Ideal for day or night time use.
  • 1 box = 28.4 grams


If you have dark spots or blotches on your skin, you may have hyperpigmentation. This can be the result of damage to your skin from an injury, too much sun, or hormones in your body. The good news is that a prescription cream in the LUSTRA Family of Products may help restore your beautiful skin color.


Active Ingredients:

  • Hydroquinone: A prescription level of 4% helps improve skin color by fading dark spots and blotches.

  • Antioxidants: An antioxidant system (vitamins C and E) helps defend skin from environmental cell damage that can speed the aging process.

  • Sunscreen: Sun exposure stimulates the production of melanin faster than hydroquinone therapy inhibits it. A broad-spectrum sunscreen can protect skin from both UVA AND UVB rays, reducing the risk of future skin discoloration.

  • Moisturizers: The moisturizers in the LUSTRA Family of Products help improve the overall appearance of the skin and its tone, clarity, and suppleness.

  • Glycolic acid: Alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic acid) enhances exfoliation, which increases cell turnover and sheds overpigmented cells quicker, helping to reduce the visible signs of skin aging.

Product Information

Lustra-AF Cream provides all the benefits of Lustra with the addition of full-spectrum UVA and UVB coverage. Sunscreens. are recommended for use with products containing hydroquinone to prevent repigmentation. Whereas other products containing 4% hydroquinone offer UVB protection, only LUSTRA-AF contains ParsolĀ® 1789 to protect against pigment-causing UVA rays. LUSTRA-AF is not intended to prevent sunburn. No prescription is required for this product in Canada!

Lustra is a revolutionary product with special ingredients that work in four ways to restore and maintain beautiful skin:

(1) A prescription level (4%) of hydroquinone improves skin color by inhibiting the production of excessive skin pigment that can lead to uneven color or dark spots.

(2) The active antioxidant system (Vitamins C and E) defends the skin against environmentally induced free radicals and builds a reservoir to help maintain cellular integrity.